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Welcome to the Horrible Vyonders Wiki!

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Vyond (pronounced as "beyond"; formerly known as GoAnimate (2013-2018) and Go!Animate before 2013) is used for drag-n-drop animation which is similar in fashion to PowerPoint. Vyond is a place that allows you to create "high quality animation", even though these guys keep creating low quality stuff like grounded videos and punishment day videos. This wiki will cover almost every bad Vyonder and their works out there. (If the site wasn't renamed, this would've been named "Horrible GoAnimators Wiki") For the good version visit Marvelous Vyonders Wiki and for the reverse version, visit Reverse Horrible Vyonders Wiki.


  1. The purpose of this wiki is to inform and criticize Vyonders so by any means, do not harass, bully, threaten, or attack any Vyonders on this wiki.
  2. Do not make personal drama pages or pages about Vyonders that you dislike but are well received.
  3. Any Vyonders that are not well received are accepted here except for the ones that are already on Atrocious Youtubers Wiki.
  4. Add at least some external links, references, and citations to your page, if you don't then there's a chance it might be deleted because lack of proof.
  5. Do not revert any of the edits that is made by a admins made unless you are given permission to do so.
  6. Do not tell any of the Vyonders of this wiki that we made a page out of them because this is considered snitching and it will encourage them to vandalize their own page.
  7. No first-person writing since it will make the article look unprofessional.
  8. No doxxing of any kind whatsoever (Like for example adding their real name and their address).
  9. Please do NOT insert any childish or overused praises like "HOW IS ___ WORSE THAN KILLING 6 MILLION JEWS?" or "Let that sink in..."
  10. Do not use any terms that are not true or inaccurate in most scenario's like "He revealed his ___ which can attract pedophiles" or "Impersonating can get you into jail!"
  11. Do not use the term "baby show" as it contradicts the purpose of this wiki to talk about bad Vyonders and instead makes us look like such. Instead, use "preschool shows" as a synonym.
  12. You will always be able to argue about your block on your own talk page unless what you did was unforgivable.
  13. Remember that Vyonders having a bad fanbase/hatebase does not determine the quality of the user itself. In other words, adding this: "(Vyonder) has a bad fanbase/hatebase" is not counted as a reason.
  14. Do not make pages, response threads or blog posts about any rants towards this wiki as it makes us look like we can't handle criticism or hate.
  15. Do not add the fact people have annoying voices as a bad quality, everyone has different voices so it's like we're mocking users over their voices.
  16. "He/she may not be a bad person in real life" is not a redeeming quality.

If you break any of those rules:

  • 1st time = Just a simple warning.
  • 2nd time = 1-week block.
  • 3rd time = 1-month block.
  • 4th time = 1-year block.
  • 5th time = Kicked out.

  1. PrinceDarkStar06 - Overhated.
  2. UTTP users - Troll feeding (except fake UTTP users)
  3. Anyone already on Marvelous Vyonders Wiki - No need to explain.
  4. Anything related to Miraheze wikis (the only exception being Alejandro Rants S2 22: Awful Movies Miraheze Wiki) - Making us look egotistical, as for the Horrible Vyonders Wiki, that will make us look like we can't handle hate and criticism.
  5. Any grounded/ungrounded videos out of Jeffy (SML) - SuperMarioLogan is a touchy subject to discuss in general. Plus, it could cause massive flame wars and edit wars.
  6. Warren Cook - Same as princedarkstar06.
  7. Memy9909/MemyComedian - Same as princedarkstar06.
  8. Amazingtoludada300 - Not immature.
  9. samster5677 - Puts effort into his videos.
  10. RareYellowWUUTBee/RareYellowBee - Same as samster5677.
  11. Anderson channels - Pointless pages, and those channels were all created by James Parker.
  12. Kingtoons - Same as samster5677.
  13. NathanWin7587/NathanTheDARKALIEN - Same as samster5677, though his videos have more effort than him. Also, he has improved a lot after the situation with TBPG Studios, so making a page on him is pointless.
  14. TBPG Studios/ThatBluePandaGuy/Panimated - Same as samster5677, but like NathanWin7587, his videos have more effort than him.
  15. Canadian Scout - Same as samster5677, though he doesn't upload grounded videos or any generic Vyond video, already on Marvelous Vyonders Wiki.
  16. Tbone Animate - Same as samster5677.
  17. GoTest334 - Same as samster5677 and Canadian Scout, and he is already on Marvelous Vyonders Wiki.
  18. Juju O - Dead horse, controversial reasoning.
  19. Strawberry Nicholas - Same as Juju O.
  20. Inez Thomas - Same as samster5677 and princedarkstar06.
  21. StefieB - Same as samster5677, Canadian Scout & Juju O.
  22. Cayby J - Same as samster5677, Canadian Scout and princedarkstar06.
  23. SuperstarShea1986 Productions - We get that he caused drama as L Ryan/Liam The New YorkerAYTW, but he had already improved, so making a page on him is pointless.
  24. CowAnim8s - Biased reasons. Plus, his videos are satire, and he's pretty much the same as samster5677.
  25. PaperLuigi99 - Same as samster5677 and CowAnim8s, and he is already on Marvelous Vyonders Wiki.
  26. Issac Anderson Animations/IT-Saac Studios - Same as samster5677 and CowAnim8s.
  27. TheFunEditor4 - Same as samster5677.
  28. TimCamaro2000 - Attacking a dead horse.
  29. Jeff 171 - Same as TimCamaro2000.
  30. Nerry Marin - Same as Jeff 171 and TimCamaro2000.
  31. Kevin Fan-animations - Same as samster5677 and Canadian Scout.
  32. KingRay - Same as samster5677 and Canadian Scout.
  33. MimeFan - Same as samster5677 and Canadian Scout.
  34. HyperMan53 - No longer attacking the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, and does not act immature.
  35. SophistiquéeDoll/BabyDollAnimate/BabyDollie - Same as samster5677 and CowAnim8s, and despite her avatar appearing as a baby, she does not act immature.
  36. Aymegg the Demon Egg - Same as Amazingtoludada300.
  37. UltimateMakerDude30 - Same as Amazingtoludada300
  38. NotSmirks/TheOmgwtfProductions - Same as samster5677, also like CowAnim8s his videos are satire.
  39. Blueheart 2K5 - Same as Amazingtoludada300 and princedarkstar06.
  40. YoshiRocks111 - Same reason as samster5677 and Amazingtoludada300, soon will be on Amazing YouTubers Wiki
  41. SlappySquirrelFanatic2001 - Same reason as Amazingtoludada300 and samster5677
  42. RobotRoshawn - Same reason as Amazingtoludada300
  43. Kenny Animate - Same as samster5677 and CowAnim8s.
  44. Riley The Ed Edd N Eddy Guy - Encourages a-logging if we make a page about him.
  45. potatoeanimate - Same as amazingtoludada300.
  46. Cuphead El Goanimator - Same as the UTTP users.
  47. ernestomoises65 KKTK SBSPT PST // SBSP Fan 2009 - His behavior isn't that bad than how it used to be, also already on Marvelous Vyonders Wiki.
  48. SpongeClips ScenePants - Making a page about him would cause a-logging, plus his behavior isn't that bad than how it used to be.
  49. Any of AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ Returns's sockpuppet accounts (like LufaémAnimations 洞窟 or AnaTheVyonder10 Returns) - Pointless pages, also will be mentioned in the AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ Returns page also now gonna be on Fun Shitposting Wiki as of 6/12/2020.
  50. Lufaém sin Acento - Not a bad YouTuber, also he's already bullied enough by AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ Returns.
  51. DualCabbage 2005 - Same as Amazingtoludada300
  52. JTD&T&JF / We Don’t Need Fanny The Minecraft Girl - Same as Amazingtoludada300
  53. James Parker - Deadhorse, also the original page was a hate page.
  54. MikeyBoy2007 [MLBT] GDMT EKT ADUTTP KVKFLBFT SBSPT - Same as Kyle // SpongeBob, Loud House & HHPAY Productions.
  55. Any of Michael The Vyond Guy's rant videos - Pointless pages, also likely clogged up the wiki.
  56. Joke accounts - Makes us look like we can't take jokes.
  57. TheSimpsons&MegamanFan2005 - Same as Amazingtoludada300
  58. Puyo Gamer2243 - Same as Amazingtoludada300 and the original one (which is a blog post) was a biased hate page.
  59. GalacticCandle2005 - Same as Amazingtoludada300, also the Vyond community already made him delete his old channel.
  60. MichTop [GD] GDMT // GD Is Cool 2005 - Same as Amazingtoludada300, also his content were sometimes entertainment to watch.
  61. XboxAddict2k7 - Same as Amazingtoludada300
  62. Leon The GoAnimate Guy - Same as Phineas&Ferb,JohnnyTest&RBUKFTW WG&PAWPatrolFTL.
  63. liz genie - Same reason as Amazingtoludada300, and her content is sometimes entertaining.
  64. ThePCGamer - He's already improved so making a page out of him is pointless.
  65. DatCoolRedstoneGuy Est. 2004 - Same as Amazingtoludada300.
  66. BossFan15 // Block13&BossFTW RBUK&44CatsFTL - Troll feeding.
  67. Nooblol 363 UTTP THTDC - Same as BossFan15 // Block13&BossFTW RBUK&44CatsFTL.
  68. Jt The Z Wolf Boy Est 2002 - Same as Amazingtoludada300.
  69. Any fake Vyond websites - Will be at Rotten Websites Wiki.
  70. The Vyond Community (in general) - Already on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki.
  71. BabiesYESAdultsNO - Troll feeding. Plus, that channel is a literal joke account.
  72. AA_ElSexySpongeBob5677CyanAnimateNo69__ Returns - Joke account.
  73. UnleashedPuffball - He already redeemed himself, so keeping his page is pointless as of right now.
  74. Aeon Prince Joshua UTTP KKTK ATHT CPT AVGCP DBT PJT - Same as PrinceDarkStar06
  75. HaniPlayz YT - Possibly same as PrinceDarkStar06.
  76. SuperMarioLoganFTWAhmadStudioFTL AUTTP ATHDTC - Same as TimCamaro2000

If you have any questions, ask our staff. Admins listed from Bureaucrats to Administrators.

Note: admins are allowed to treat anyone how they want (like making fun of them for vandalizing or making bad pages etc.)


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